Active Cell In Excel

This article will tell you what is an active cell in Excel. how to find the last active cell in the Excel worksheet? how to format active Excel cells? how to make a range of cells as an active Excel cell at one time? and how to change the active Excel cell format programmatically using VBA.

1. What Is An Active Cell In Excel?

  1. An active cell in Excel is a cell that is selected to be edited, the active cell’s borders are more heavy lines than the non-active Excel cell.
  2. There is only one active cell in Excel at one time.
  3. But you can select multiple cells and treat them as one active cell, we will introduce how to do it later in this article.

2. How To Find The Last Active Cell In Excel Worksheet?

  1. The last cell in one Excel worksheet is cell XFD1048576.
  2. You can make it the active cell in Excel by following the below steps.
  3. Press the key Ctrl + End + Right Arrow (Windows) or Command + Right Arrow (macOS) to move to the last column.
  4. Press the key Ctrl + End + Down Arrow (Windows) or Command + Down Arrow (macOS) to move to the last row.
  5. Then it will select the last cell in your worksheet.

3. How To Go Back To Cell A1 In Excel?

  1. It is easy to go back to cell A1 in Excel.
  2. On Windows, you just need to press Ctrl + Home key, then it will focus on cell A1 for you to edit.
  3. On macOS, you need to press Command + Left Arrow to go to column A,  then press Command + Up Arrow to go to cell A1.

4. How To Format Active Excel Cells.

  1. Right-click the active cell in the Excel worksheet.
  2. Then it will pop up a shortcut list that contains some commands that you can apply on the cell.
  3. Click the Format cells… item will open the Format Cells dialog window, you can configure the active cell appearance in this dialog window, such as cell text font, size, .etc.

5. How To Make A Range Of Cells As One Active Cell In Excel?

  1. You can make multiple cells as one active cell in Excel.
  2. Just click the first cell, then drag your mouse key to the last cell, and then you can see the ranged cell’s heavy border.
  3. When you release your mouse key, the first cell will be focused.
  4. Then you can input text in the first cell, when you press the Enter key, you will find your input text only exists in the first cell.
  5. If you want to input the text into all the selected range cells, press the Ctrl + Enter key, then the input text will be filled into all the range cells.
  6. You can also right-click the cell and click the Format Cells… menu item to change the cell formats.
  7. This will change all the range cell formats at one time.

6. How To Change The Excel Active Cell Format Programmatically Using VBA?

  1. First, you can invoke the Worksheet object’s Activate method to activate the Excel worksheet.
  2. Then you can use the ActiveCell object to set the cell format such as font, size, etc.
  3. Below is the example macro, when you run the macro, it will change the active cell’s text to bold and italic format.
    Sub Change_Active_Cell_Format()
       ' Call the Activate method to activate the worksheet with the name "Sheet1".
       ' Change the active cell's font bold and italic property.
       ActiveCell.Font.Bold = True
       ActiveCell.Font.Italic = True
    End Sub

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