Excel Dynamic Chart Title Example

In the previous article, I told you how to add, change, and remove chart titles in excel. In this article I will tell you how to change the chart title dynamically, then you can make the chart title change according to a special cell text.

1. Excel Dynamic Chart Title Example.

1.1 How To Link Excel Cell To Chart Title To Make Chart Title Change According To Cell Text Change Dynamically.

  1. In this example, there is a data table in the excel worksheet left side.
  2. The first row of the data table is the table header row.
  3. We also create a column chart based on the data table.
  4. And we want to set the data table header A1 cell’s text as the chart title.
  5. You can follow the below steps.
  6. Click the chart title to select it.
  7. Then input = in the Formula Bar input text box on the excel worksheet top area.
  8. Click cell A1 in the excel worksheet, then the formula bar text will be changed to something like =Table1[[#Header],[English]].
  9. Press the Enter key to confirm the input, then you can see the table header English will be shown as the chart title.
  10. If you select another cell that is not the table header cell, then you can see the text =Sheet1!$A$6 in the formula bar input text box.
  11. Then it will show the text in cell A6 as the chart title text.
  12. Now when you change the cell text, the chart title will be dynamically changed accordingly.

1.2 How To Create Dynamic Excel Chart Titles By Combine Multiple Excel Cell Values.

  1. Sometimes, you may want to link multiple excel cells to the excel chart title, then the chart title text will be changed according to the multiple cells text change.
  2. For example, there are 2 excel cells A6 and B6, and you want to link these 2 cells to the chart title.
  3. Then you can input the formula =A6&B6 in cell C6.
  4. And then click to select the chart title and input =Sheet1$C$6 in the formula bar input text box.
  5. When you press the Enter key, you can see the chart title has been changed to combine cells A6 and B6‘s text.
  6. If you want to add extra text to the chart title, you can input the formula =A6&B6&” /Year “ in cell C6 and then link cell C6 to the chart title as above.


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