How To Get Excel Table Name & Rename It & Navigate To It In Excel

This article will tell you how to get an excel table name after you create it, how to rename the table, and how to quickly navigate to the table by name in your excel workbook.

1. How To Get Excel Table Name & Rename It.

  1. You can create an excel table by converting cell range to it, you can read the article How To Make A Table In Excel to learn more.
  2. After that, if you want to get the excel table name, you can follow the below steps.
  3. Click any cell in the excel table.
  4. Then click the Table Tools —> Table Design tab on the top.
  5. Then you can find the Table Name in the Properties group.
  6. You can use this table name in your excel cells to reference it.
  7. And if you want to rename the table, you can type a customized name in the Table Name text box.

2. How To Navigate To The Excel Table By Name Quickly.

  1. Now you can reference the excel table by name in your excel worksheet.
  2. If you have multiple excel tables, you need to navigate to the table quickly.
  3. To navigate an excel table, open any worksheet in the excel workbook.
  4. Input the table name in the top Name Box input text box (located at the top-left corner of the excel workbook).
  5. Press the Enter key, then it will navigate to the worksheet that contains the excel table and focus on the table.

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