How To Select Active Range Cells And Filled Cells Only In Excel

When you use Excel to edit data, you may need to select a range of cells surrounding the active cell in a worksheet. You may also want to just select the filled cells that are not empty in the range. This article will tell you some methods of how to select a range of cells that meet your needs in an excel worksheet easily and quickly.

1. How To Select Current Range Cells.

1.1 What Are Current Range Cell & Isolated Cell?

  1. The current range cells are excel cells which are a block of continuous cells.
  2. The current range cell’s edges are the first empty rows and columns (or the entire worksheet borders) around the selected cell.
  3. If a cell is surrounded by empty rows and columns, then this cell is an isolated cell.

1.2 How To Select The Current Range Cells?

  1. Select one cell in the current range cells.
  2. Then press Ctrl + A to select the current range cells.
  3. Press Ctrl + A again, and it will select all cells in the current worksheet.
  4. If you focus on an isolated cell that means all the cells around it are empty cells.
  5. Then when you press the Ctrl + A key, it will select the entire worksheet cells also.

2. How To Select Not Empty Excel Cells Only In A Range.

  1. First, select a range of Excel cells, if you want to do this on the entire worksheet, then you should select the entire worksheet.
  2. Then click Home —> Find & Select —> Find in Excel ribbon Home tab, Editing group.
  3. Then it will open the Find and Replace dialog.
  4. Input the character string ( * for match all not empty string) in the Find what input text box.
  5. Click the Find All button, then it will list all the search results in the result list below the Find All button.
  6. Press Ctrl + A to select all the search results in the list.
  7. Click the Close button to close the Find and Replace dialog.
  8. Now you will find the matched cells are all selected in the selected range.

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