How To Show Or Hide Excel Ribbon Manually Or Automatically

When you use Excel, sometimes you may find the Excel ribbon has disappeared so you want to show it. Sometimes you may find the Excel ribbon occupies a lot of the screen area and you want to hide it. This article will tell you how to do it on Windows OS.

1. How To Show Or Hide Excel Ribbon Methods.

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F1 to toggle display or hide the ribbon area.
  2. Right-click any tab on Excel’s top area such as the Home tab, then click the Collapse the Ribbon menu item to display or hide the ribbon area. When it is checked then the ribbon is hidden, when it is unchecked then the ribbon is shown.
  3. When the Excel ribbon is shown, you can click the Pin the ribbon icon to pin the Excel ribbon on the screen.
  4. The Pin the ribbon icon is located on the bottom right corner of the Excel ribbon panel.
  5. After you pin the ribbon panel, the Pin the ribbon button will be changed to the Collapse the Ribbon icon, click this icon will hide the ribbon.

2. How To Show Or Hide Ribbon Use Ribbon Display Options.

  1. You can open the Ribbon Display Options by clicking the up arrow icon on Excel’s top right corner.
  2. The up arrow icon is located after the Excel file title and before the minimum icon.
  3. When you click it, it will pop up a drop-down list panel.
  4. There are 3 items in the panel, they are Auto-hide Ribbon, Show Tabs, and Show Tabs and Commands.
  5. You can click the above items to show or hide the Excel ribbon area as you need.

3. How To Configure Excel To Collapse The Ribbon Automatically.

  1. Besides the above method, you can also configure Excel to collapse the ribbon automatically when you use Excel.
  2. Open Excel, click the File —> Options menu item to open the Excel Options dialog.
  3. Click the General item on the Excel Options dialog left side.
  4. Then check the Collapse the ribbon automatically checkbox on the dialog right panel.

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