How To Stop Excel From Moving Down On Enter Key

When you use excel to edit data in a cell, you always need to press the Enter key to confirm your input. But you always will find that by default it will move the cursor to the cell below the cell which you just edited, and this is always not what you want. This article will tell you how to move the editing cell in excel manually and automatically. And it will also tell you how to stop excel from moving down on Enter key is pressed.

1. How To Move Excel Editing Cell Manually.

  1. You can use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to move the editing excel cell manually.
  2. You can also use your mouse key to move the current editing cell.

2. How To Move Excel Editing Cell Automatically.

  1. After you edit data in one excel cell, you can press the Enter key to move the editing cell automatically.
  2. But you may find this will move the editing cell to the cell below the cell you just edited ( below the above row ).
  3. But the above process may be is not what you want, you may want to move the editing cell to the cell after the cell you just edited ( in the same row ).
  4. You can press the Ctrl + Enter key together to make the editing cell not move after you edit data.
  5. You can also configure which direction the editing cell moves to in the excel options settings.
  6. Click the File —> Options item to open the Excel Options dialog.
  7. Then click the Advanced option item in the window left panel.
  8. On the excel options dialog right side, there is a Direction drop-down list under the checkbox After pressing Enter, move selection.
  9. First, make sure the above checkbox is selected, then you can select which direction the excel editing cell moves to after you press the Enter key.
  10. For example, if you select Right in the above Direction drop-down list, then you will find the editing excel cell will move automatically to the next cell ( the right cell of the last edited cell ).

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