How To Make A Salary Comparison Chart In Excel

This article will tell you how to make a salary comparison chart in excel. It will compare 12 monthly salaries of 3 employees. Then you can see the salary trend of the employees and decide who will cost the most salary in the employees.

1. How To Make A Salary Comparison Chart In Excel Example.

  1. Below is the example salary source data cells. There are 3 employees and 12 monthly salaries of the 3 employees.
  2. Select the cell range A1:M4, and click the Insert tab —> Charts group —> Insert Column or Bar Chart down arrow —> Clustered Column item in the 2-D Column group.
  3. Then it will create a clustered column chart in the worksheet.
  4. Click the chart title and change the title text to Salary Comparison Chart.
    salary comparison chart
  5. The above column chart compare the 3 employee’s salary for each month visually.
  6. If you want to compare different month’s salary for one employee, you can click to select the chart.
  7. And then click the Chart Design tab —> Data group —> Switch Row/ColumnĀ item to get the below chart.
    salary comparison chart by employee
  8. The above chart switch the rows and columns of the first chart, then you can see each employee’s salary data change for every month of one year.

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